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Jan 26, 2021

Today we welcome Pam Meisner from the Water Conservation Garden in Escondido. Pam is a lifelong educator with over forty years of teaching experience and is affectionately known as Ms. Smarty-Plants™ to the nearly 80,000 students and adults that she reaches each year with fun, interactive, education, and conservation programs. Over a decade ago, Pam founded Ms. Smarty-Plants™ at The Water Conservation Garden in East San Diego, and within five years, the program received the highest leadership honor by the State of California; the GEELA Award for environmental education.

With the support of passionate individuals, key partners, and a welcoming community, The Water Conservation Garden was created as a showcase destination for San Diego’s responsible use of natural resources in the landscape. It is located in El Cajon, California. The Water Conservation Garden has six acres of trails that demonstrate water conservation through a series of beautiful, themed gardens, and their mission is to inspire positive change in the living environment through the conservation of water and other natural resources.

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